v1.2 - the WMD release
  • files bleed when they are hit
  • different file types have different shapes, images are shown as images
  • new weapons: dynamite (with a nifty progressbar), rocket launcher
  • improved zoom with SniperRifle
  • go to dialog to "teleport" to another directory
  • decreased Text2D size, this will hopefully eliminate some OutOfMemory errors
  • improved HUD: adjusted z-displacement (the text shouldn't disappear into walls or files) position is now calculated (less ugly code) and it's visible even if zooming with the SniperRifle file player currently is aiming at and stats
  • bind actions to mouse-buttons and mouse-wheel
  • a lot of bugfixes as usual
  • player can die :)

v1.1 - the "wow, this project didn't die after all" release
  • a config file reader
  • secondary fire: zoom with the sniper rifle
  • improved the HUD, more informative, better looking crosshairs
  • files are placed in a pattern, not just randomly
  • files change color when they are hit
  • animated weapons
  • walls are sorted alphabetically
  • a lot of bugfixes
  • cleaner code
  • cosmetic improvments

  • first public release