2005-02-22 - bfm-1.2, the "WMD" release
  • thumbnails are loaded in a background process
  • bugfix: config file reader didn't work

  • bugfix: room wasn't updated in PhysicsHandler
  • bugfix: HUD text was misplaced in decorated windows
  • bugfix: scope wasn't drawn correctly if resizing window before zooming
  • file player currently aims at is shown on HUD

  • better collisiondetection when fireing. You can now aim between the letters of a filename and hit a file behind it.
  • installer for windows
  • player can die again, it's ugly but it works :)

  • hide file managing until it's finished
  • bugfix: DroppedDynamite didn't appear

  • fixed speed up bug
  • hide help message, it's buggy really

  • new teleport dialog using a JTree
  • lots of minor changes, code cleanup u.s.w.

  • improved teleport dialog handling
  • bugfix: mouse sometimes escaped on window resizing and moving

  • new feature: teleport, switch to new directory from a nifty swing-dialog, probably the most useful feature added lately :)
  • new config file option: showThumbnails, show images as thumbnails or not

  • new flag: --noblood (-n), don't show blood when hitting files

  • zooming with SniperRifle creates a circular view (just like in all movies), the shape is calculated and always creates a centered circle with maximum size
  • Text3D over files are now added to OrientedShape3D so it rotates automagically, saved the old code if we don't want to use it
  • bugfix: Blood sometimes didn't appear especially when standing on files until Player jumped down from the file - but this is history now, peppar, peppar...

  • bloooooooood!! :D
  • bugfix: blood is no longer visible in transparent files before they're hit
  • bugfix: Shotgun, Dynamite and RocketLauncher doesn't do anything on secondaryFire but still used ammo
  • removed possibility to change FOV, just annoying really, don't know what I was thinking of when I added it :)

  • new Player(), Room() and PhysicsHandler() when resuming instead of just moving Player and restarting PhysicsHandler
  • finally removed that ugly getBfm(), unfortunately this makes Player immortal again :(
  • different icons for different files; pictures,video, and document

  • it's now possible to change weapons while pressing fireKey, weapons can also be changed before fireDelay
  • removed 'implements Runnable' from all weapons, PhysicsHandler is the only Runnable and handles all animations now, this means that all animations are paused when PhysicsHandler i paused

  • removed misc ArrayList to get FileObjects in Room in favor of room.getChild()
  • new abstract class: RoomObject: extended by FiloObject, DroppedDynamite and Rocket so far

  • weapons can't fire before initialize() is finished
  • new class: DroppedDynamite (Dynamite has been split into Dynamite and DroppedDynamite)
  • started to reorganise the way things are handeled: PhysicsHandler controls more and the classes themselves less

  • moved common code from Spear, Shotgun, Sniperrifle, Dynamite and RocketLauncher to Weapon
  • cleaned up Rocket and RocketLauncher

  • killed some fulkod, Rocket now gets barrelLength from RocketLauncher and PatthernCircle gets fileRadius from Room
  • other minor changes: Dynamite didn't setAmmoText on hud

  • bugfix: current dir path wasn't updated on the HUD
  • bugfix: 'bfm ../' would give an incorrect path text on the HUD (i.e. /home/apanap/bfm/..)

  • added ammo to hud (not used yet though)
  • removed some fulkod in Sniperrifle, animated Spear
  • moved images to data/images, hopefully there will be a data/sound in some time...

  • new CVS-server (@lamprecht)

  • changed the way colors are used: in remove mode writable files and folders are blue, unwritable are red, in select/unselect mode readable files and folders are blue, unreadable are red
  • all weapons (except for the Spear) are animated when changing weapons, I'll deal with the fulkod some other time

  • Rockets and Dynamites now damage files even if rooms are changed before they explode
  • new key: deselectAllKey - unselect all files
  • misc fixes: rearranged the default keys, print CanonicalPath in bfm -c usw...

  • got rid of resetSelectedFiles(), now removing separate files from the list as they are copied/moved
  • the same weapons are used throughout the whole session, this way it's easier to make wepons have limited ammo (have to fix powerups before using it though)

  • tried a different approach on file managing, there's now two new modes - select mode and unselect mode (replacing move and copy mode). Files are selected (added to an ArrayList) by shooting at them in select mode, they can be unselected the same way in unselect mode. By pressing moveKey or copyKey (replacing pasteKey) all files in the ArrayList are moved/copied.
  • selected and damaged files are remembered
  • new key: toggleModeKey

  • bugfix: couldn't jump

  • "G A M E O V E R\npress Fire to continue" is printed on the HUD (in the lower left corner @ modeText and currentDirText) when player dies, just have to fix the resume function :)
  • resume works now (more or less...)

  • new flag: --unsafemode (-u) that starts bfm in remove mode, this flag (as all flags) overrides settings set in config files
  • Dynamite and Rocket are now handeled by PhysicsHandler, this means that the Rocket's animation and the Dynamite's timer is paused when Bfm is paused
  • bugfix: game stopped during the time Explotion was visible, now Explotion has it's own thread

  • bugfix: mouseSensitivity displayed different values in the help message and the 'bfm -c' output

  • message size is kept when zooming

  • stats message is updated if it's visible when removing files
  • renamed --configfile (-c) to --loadconfig and --bindings (-b) to --config
  • HUD help message has been split
  • bugfix: player sometimes continued to move when unpausing even if the key had been released

  • bfm -b now prints the currently used config files

  • merged InputHandler and Bfm, makes more sense really, config files won't be read twice for instance
  • improved help message, prints settings like safeMode, invertMouse, autoChangeRooms and so on
  • HUD can display stats

  • pressing "H" will now print the current mouse and key bindings on the HUD
  • added quit= to bfm.conf
  • bugfixes: couldn't quit when paused, Bfm printed "Paused, press P to continue" even if pauseKey had been changed
  • usageMessage in Bfm now get all bindings from getHelpMessage in InputHandler

  • changed firstWeapon, secondWeapon ... to weapon1, weapon2 ... - this will make it easier to add new weapons, fewer changes will have to be made to InputHandler each time
  • bugfixes: could change weapons even if Bfm was paused, player jumped when unpausing if jumpKey was pressed when paused

  • changed the way modes are handeled: can't change move, copy or remove mode when in safe mode now
  • HUD: safe mode is printed in the same place as all other modes

  • HUD is now visible even if zooming

  • the position of the HUD is now calculated, less ugly :)

  • new class: Explotion (used by Dynamite and Rocket)
  • Dynamite can now stick to Wall (if Player is standing close to Wall)

  • removed all wireframe stuff, it was just ugly and annoying when programming

  • adjust y-position of Dynamite

  • yes! it's a rocket launcher :D
  • decreased Text2D size, scaling instead, this will hopefully make the OutOfMemory error appear less frequently

  • moved some weapons closer to the camera, Spear and SniperRifle remain to be fixed (it requires some hurtighet because of fulkod)
  • new Thread in Dynamite to be able to load the next Dynamite before the first one explodes
  • added comments, cleaned up old code, moved crosshairAppearance from Shotgun and Sniperrifle to Hud usw...

  • the dynamite can explode now :)
  • guess what, you can remove/select files with the dynamite now :)
  • fixed a problem with transparent objects and Text2D with View.setTransparencySortingPolicy(View.TRANSPARENCY_SORT_GEOMETRY);

  • new weapon: dynamite, it's only a model and a nifty progressbar at the moment but the idea is to make it possible to remove recursively, functionality is secondary to appearance :)

  • added removeMode, moveMode, copyMode and paste to bfm.conf
  • copy files

  • first attempt to move files, "safe mode" is back in it's original place on the HUD again
  • scale crosshairs in Hud instead of every single weapon
  • cycle through weapons using the mouse wheel
  • actions can now be bound to mouseevents in bfm.conf (mouse1, mouse2, mouse3... mousewheelUp, mousewheelDown)
  • fixed crosshair color change due to the light
  • stats: number of deleted files and size of the deleted files are stored in Player, unfortunately there's no way of displaying these stats yet :)

  • moved the safe mode-text on the HUD to the top right corner since "safe mode" it's always the same width and text2d is hard to align. The top left corner can now be used for something else

  • italian + babelfish = new quote
  • decreased HUD z-displacement, adjusted crosshairs

2003-11-12 - bfm-1.1, the "wow, this project didn't die after all" release
  • new flag: -c, loads a custom config file
  • whole new homepage
  • fixed bug related to invert mouse

  • added GPL comments to all .java-files
  • marginal added to file-radius in Physicshandler, you souldn't see though files anymore

  • useKey can now be used to change rooms without any other key beeing pressed at the same time
  • added a crosshair in Hud (instead of the old Text2D stuff), different crosshairs for different weapons
  • safe mode is printed on the Hud
  • files are placed in circles instead of randomly

  • secondary fire! zoom with the sniper rifle

  • the pause function is not as ugly as it once was
  • bugfix: could not jump when standing close to a wall
  • added a fire animation to SniperRifle
  • the ebuild is finished
  • updated the home page with some news about the upcoming release :)

  • the config file reader(s) can now read lines with spaces and tabs
  • new option in bfm.conf: autoChangeRooms, determines if rooms should be changed automagically when the player "touches" a wall or not
  • new key: useKey, "open" doors if autoChangeRooms is false, this only works if forwardKey is pressed at the same time

  • the config file reader in InputHandler can handle other keys than 0-9 and A-Z
  • bugfix: oops, Shotgun fired twice in run(), it should be enough with one time really, this explains why it took so long for some files to turn yellow when they were hit :)
  • fixed IllegalStateException (occured when shooting and changing rooms at the same time), yet another 'try{} catch() {}' :)

  • added comments to the default bfm.conf
  • made it possible to rebind more keys in bfm.conf
  • the config file reader in InputHandler.java now uses Strings instead of integers, makes more sense really

  • cleaned up things once again, improved mouseMoved() in InputHandler.java (got rid of the "dead" pixel) and removed some comments and unused code
  • all weapons continue to shoot/stab when the fire button is held down
  • added randomly selected messages in the title, this embraces our motto: "Hälldre fel kod än ingen kod"

  • improved the PhysicsHandler
  • cleaned up things, renamed variables, removed some unnecessary methods and stuff

  • files turn yellow when they are damaged
  • the text on the walls are once again Text2D, there the Text3D code was to buggy

  • sitter i sekten och kodar bfm igen - det var ett tag sen, har döpt om Brahman.java till Bfm.java och Kshatriya.java till Player.java i ett försök att göra allting lite mer logiskt
  • from now on everything will be written in english
  • moved the WindowListener to Bfm.java, removed MyWindowListener.java

  • texten på väggarna är nu centrerad (gjorde om den från Text2D till Text3D), har snyggat till lite i största allmänhet sådär
  • mer informativ titel (luuugn, "hej tangent" finns fortfarande med) :)

  • fieldOfView ny inställning i bfm.conf, riktig quake1-känsla över det hela :)

  • Fixat en bug så hoppandet fungerar snyggare
  • Nu faller man med gravitation från filer
  • fixade blähäfel - Brahman läste bfm.conf efter att den kört commandLineParser, nu är det tvärtom
  • decorated / undecorated kan nu ställas in i bfm.conf via noTitleBar
  • bfm.conf laddas från /etc/bfm/, ~/.bfm/ och . i nämnd ordning
  • nya variabler i Brahman.conf, version och releaseDate, dessa ska fyllas i innan en ny release så att det dyker upp i hjälpmeddelanden och så
  • pillade över mousespeed från Kshatriya till InputHandler - mouseSensitivity ny inställning i bfm.conf
  • dödade lite deprecatead (jag älskar svengelska) kod i Room.java, sparar den gamla koden för säkerhets skull :)

  • fönstret är nu undecorated igen, det går ett par sekunder snabbare att ladda då

  • InputHandler läser in värden från bfm.conf, Joel och Samuels KeyCodeFinder kommer till användning när man ska ställa in värdena
  • sådär, nu kan man inte hoppa ut genom taket

  • wihiii! nu finns det en configfilsläsarmojäng i Brahman.java den kan läsa in följande: sizeX, sizeY, posX, posY, safeMode, fullscreen, invertMouse, wireframe

  • files sorteras alfabetiskt ---> väggarna uppstår i bokstavsordning
  • minskatt på front- och back-clipping så att det inte blir z-bufferfel i stora rum
  • Shotgun animeras när man skjuter

2003-06-20 - bfm-1.0-r1
  • added a compile-script which creates a jar-file

  • hihi, jag kan inte motstå att pilla med wireframesakerna, nu kan vapnena också bli wireframes, bara några detaljer kvar
  • nu funkar wireframemojset helt
  • fixade bugg med springandet
  • man kan nu hoppa upp på filerna + buggfixar

  • fixat diverse småsaker, bl.a. hur kollisionen med filer hanteras
  • nu kan alla objekt bli wireframes (så kan det gå när man inte har något att göra) men vapnena är fortfarande som förut

2003-06-03 - bfm-1.0
  • nu är man vänd inåt rummet när man byter rum
  • invert mouse stöds nu efter högljudda protester från gustaf :) (java Brahman -i)
  • bfm tar nu bort filer default, ny flagga för "safe mode" -s
  • första releasen!
  • spelaren kan inte gå igenom filerna längre

  • skickade in projektet till Gyulai
  • fixade till så att man stannar vid väggar som inte är dörrar igen... (jag lyckades tydligen förstöra det förut)
  • raderade onödiga importsakimaser
  • fixat så att man kan ange en icke absolute path som parameter till programmet, det resulterade i ett rum utan parentdörr förut

  • nytt vapen: SniperRifle
  • snickrat med hemsidan
  • Shotgun skickar ut flera rays i en konform
  • nu kan man ducka igen
  • man kan skjuta _på_ själva filerna och inte bara ovanför texten
  • man stannar vid de väggar som inte är dörrar istället för att man hoppar tillbaka till mitten av rummet
  • pillat med en massa saker innan inlämningen
  • nu börjar man vid dörren man kom ifrån när man kommer in i ett rum istället för mitt i rummet, kameran måste tyvärr fixas också

  • kommit på ett namn till "projektet" - BFM Brutal File Manager
  • nytt vapen: Shotgun
  • nu kan man byta vapen och skjuta
  • fixade buggar med dörrarna, nu kommer man dit man ska
  • kollat på solförmörkelse

  • visade upp projektet för klassen

2003-05-12 - 2003-05-26
  • tak och golv har blivit Shape3d och texturerat
  • mycket annat, vi har varit dåliga på att skriva i ChangeLog

  • nähe, framen fick tydligen inte vara undecorated för daniel - han tyckte väl synd om alla stackars windowsanvändare som ska använda vårt (fortfarande) namnlösa projekt. De får väl fan skylla sig själva att de använder windows!!! >:) ja ja, att musmojängen var borta var han i alla fall nöjd med...

  • fönstret är nu undecorated och musmojängen syns inte längre

  • småfixar, tabbningen t.ex. (hoppas inte att Daniel blir arg bara)

  • fullscreenfunktion
  • trots att jag precis kommit hem från studentskivan satte jag mig framför datorn och pillade java ---> avrättade "ERROR: Canvas3D constructed with a null GraphicsConfiguration", tack till Joel för tipset!

  • texten ovanför filerna är numera text3d istället för text2d (vilket är mycket tuffare)
  • rensat bort lite gamla saker

  • stor omstruckturering av programet med två nya klasser (InputHandler och PhysicsHandler)
  • ny metod i Brahman för att byta katalog (chageRoom), testas med knappen 'u'

  • filer visas nu som cylindrar i rummet (ny klass: Dukha (nu FileObject))

  • fixat en knapp som pausar (ny metod: resetMouse)
  • hoppfunktion - ska förbättras senare (det ska se ut som om man hoppar så småningom)
  • cvs fungerar!

  • fångat musen i fönstret (nästan iallafall)
  • gungning!
  • wall är en egen klass
  • inläsning till directoryList och fileList fungerar (antalet väggar genereras också)

  • fixade musnav-problemen, kameran var uppochned, begränsade därför kamerans rörlighet
  • snyggat upp lite (bytt ut variabelnamn som "hej", "knöpåväggen" och "apanap") :)

  • jippie, vi har något som liknar ett rum!
  • tangentbordsnavigationen fungerar
  • musnavigeringen är buggig som phäen...
  • man kan stänga fönstret med esc :)